Episode #7 Joan Trant


Joan Trant is a Managing Partner at TriLinc Global. TriLinc Global is an Investment Fund Sponsor, and its sponsored funds invest in small & medium enterprises in developing countries. TriLinc Global offers investors the potential for market-rate financial returns and positive, measurable impact on some of the world’s intractable socioeconomic and environmental challenges. TriLinc plays an active industry-building role with peers, investors, financial service providers and the general public, in order to grow and strengthen the impact investing sector.

Prior to joining TriLinc Global, Joan launched and was Executive Director of the International Association of Microfinance Investors (IAMFI). IAMFI’s Limited Partner members’ microfinance commitments/investments totaled $780 million, and General Partner members managed an aggregate portfolio of $1.84 billion. IAMFI led the microfinance investment industry with proprietary research, contributions to third party publications, educational and networking meetings, tailored member services and consensus-building for investor best practices.

For more information on the impact investing sector you may want to visit http://www.TriLincGlobal.com

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