Episode #7 Joan Trant

  Joan Trant is a Managing Partner at TriLinc Global. TriLinc Global is an Investment Fund Sponsor, and its sponsored funds invest in small & medium enterprises in developing countries. TriLinc Global offers investors the potential for market-rate financial returns and positive, measurable impact on some of the world’s intractable socioeconomic and environmental challenges. TriLinc plays … More Episode #7 Joan Trant

Episode #6 Dave Kirkpatrick

  Dave Kirkpatrick is a Managing Director and co-founder of SJF Ventures, which focuses on high growth, positive impact ventures. Dave helped lead SJF’s capitalization of four funds totaling $260 million starting in 1999.  Dave’s portfolio engagements include TransLoc, EnTouch Controls, Community Energy, Living Earth, and ED MAP, as well as exited companies NEXTracker, groSolar, CleanScapes, … More Episode #6 Dave Kirkpatrick

Episode #5 Cary Krosinsky

  Cary Krosinsky teaches the Theory and Practice of Sustainable Investing at Brown University supporting the Sustainable Investment Fund within the Brown Endowment, and Lecturer, Yale College on Climate, Energy and Investing as well as Business and Sustainability. MBA Lecturer at Concordia, Maryland and the Yale School of Management. Books include the recent Sustainable Investing: … More Episode #5 Cary Krosinsky

Episode #4 John Denniston

John Denniston is Chairman of the Board of Shared-X.  Shared-X is an agriculture impact company aiming to generate strong investor returns, while at the same time lift thousands of smallholder farmers out of poverty, by collapsing the dramatic yield gap separating developed and emerging country crop production through the deployment of advanced, sustainable farming techniques. … More Episode #4 John Denniston

Intro Episode

It was a snowy weekend in New Haven…. We stepped into the Baobab Studios on Crown Street to record our first episode. In this episode we introduce ourselves. Kodjo  (The Dreamer), Kristina (The Realist) and Jenny (The Skeptic). Thanks to guidance from RevKev (Yale Divinity School Alum) we recorded our first episode.